Personal packaging is an integral key step towards building and sustaining a positive, healthy self-esteem. When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside straight away! Your personal image is something that cannot be ignored, it is one of your most valuable assets.


Working with individuals, teams and organisations, it is my goal to ensure that you are increasing the power of your own profile and visibility for greater personal and business success. Style your way to success and leave your best impression by packaging your personal brand effectively.


Know what colours, styles, fabrics, fits and fashions suit you best, and then celebrate your uniqueness. Be inspired! Be empowered! Be more content, more confident and more in tune with your personal style today.


Coming from a corporate background in marketing and business development, I have been changing lives, one wardrobe at a time, for more than 14 years. I am a busy mom, happy wife and simply love doing what I do.


“Since my consultation with Wendy, my outlook on colour combinations and make-up has changed. I’m so hooked on my colour and packing chart. Thank you, Wendy, you have certainly changed my world of beauty and style.” Peggy-Sue Khumalo (Miss South Africa, 1996)


“Thank you so much for the time and energy you have invested in me. I really appreciate your open, friendly and professional approach, and I absolutely loved the afternoon. I am delighted with the way you’ve opened my eyes regarding my existing wardrobe options.” Shona Selly


“I am truly excited and inspired to create the new, colourful, fashionable me. I have always been made aware of my weight and therefore always felt I couldn’t dress fashionably, but you really opened my eyes. I DO have assets!” Bernadette Petersen