“You have made such an impact on my life and enriched me so much. Thank you.” Linsey Sherman


“Thank you for the most wonderful day. You are so inspiring! It’s so true, looking good makes all the difference to one’s self-confidence. I love my new wardrobe, and now I can shop and plan a wardrobe that works for me.” Maleine Pieterse


“My makeover was the most exciting day of my entire life! The change is astonishing, and the compliments I get are quite overwhelming. You made me realise that everybody can look better with the right advice.” Lelani Gresse


“Thanks for the most awesome experience! I love my hair, and I’ve had loads of compliments. I know it will take me a while to get my wardrobe right – it can’t happen overnight – but you have given me good tools to start the process!” Mandy Kojetin


“The dedication to your work is evident from the way how you present yourself. Well done!” Isabel Moolman


“You have such an amazing gift of helping people feel at ease. Thank you, this helped me have so much more fun while at the same time achieving something incredible.” Rachel Rouse


“You were able to take a diverse audience and draw them together with your style and programme content. This is a very challenging task, and I commend you. Participant feedback received after the workshop, and also from your email indicated that the staff valued the information, visual aids and live demonstrations used during the presentation. A lot of the basic information was helpful. Teachers are adding coloured scarves to a monochromatic (sludgy) outfits, and others are taking the time to apply lipstick every day.
One can really see the difference that this workshop has made, and we gratefully appreciate the dressing for success tips.” Barbara de Jager


“I want to say a HUGE thank you for your most impressive, inspirational and much-needed presentation. The feedback we have received from our lady clients has been fantastic. I am sure you will receive lots of consultation requests!” Karyn Jackson, Sales Executive, Rohlig-Grindrod


“The Mega Makeover process I went through with you was nothing short of miraculous. I had no clue what a difference the right clothes, colour, fit etc. could have, let alone hair and make-up. From day 1 of the new me, people were commenting on how much weight I lost (over the weekend it seemed) and how the clothes I was wearing suited me, complimented my figure etc. You made the whole process fun and exciting, what could have been daunting was made magical with your professionalism, enthusiasm and energy. And as for the trust you manage to build up in a few short hours – to the point where I tossed ¾ of my wardrobe without a backward glance, changed my hair colour to exciting new heights etc. – well all I can say is that you are a special, inspirational and gifted person, who genuinely cares for your clients and wants the best for them, this shines through in everything you say and do, and I could not help being swept up in your vision for the new me. The hints, tips and guidelines you provided were amazing. What seemed like an impossible and complicated skill to learn was effortlessly passed on to me! The changes you have brought go way beyond the surface – by dressing correctly and projecting the right image, my self-confidence has skyrocketed, and I am transformed in both my personal and professional life. I am so grateful to you for guiding me through this experience and for helping me reinvent myself!” Audrey Wilson

“Wendy is a true gem of a person and helped me look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. I now for the first time in 36 years know what lengths, colour and styles I should be wearing for my body shape. I can highly recommend this to anyone, whether you are stuck in a rut, or you are a young up and coming professional.” Natanie Slabbert


“I loved my consultation with Wendy. She helped me to see colour in my wardrobe and to dress confidently matching items I never thought of. I cannot wait to go on a shopping spree one day and use these tools she gave me. Wendy, your professionalism and personal touch makes the consultation even more special, thank you.” Simone Reid


“You did so much for me. This was a massive eye-opening experience and has transformed the way I look at my wardrobe in the morning. I’m actually excited to get dressed. So thank you for making me feel beautiful and excited to be a woman.” Nicola Stirton


“My journey with Wendy started after a massive break up, and my mom decided to get me a visit from a “(young) fairy godmother” and her name was Wendy. Wendy came to me at a very low point in my life, and clearing out my cupboard with her was traumatic but therapeutic at the same time, and what I needed to realise there was a whole new world out there for me. Fast forward to 5 years later, my amazing husband gave me the gift of “Wendy” once again, this time, for my birthday – the 2 x post-baby body required a shopping spree with Wendy and some throwing out of those elasticised pants and feeding bras, which were oh so comfy but really not doing me any favours! It was one of the best days of my life; I still feel excited to get up and get dressed in the morning. Women go through many phases in their lives, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, wife, mother, businesswoman etc., and we all get stuck in a rut at times – Wendy has an incredible gift in that she can take you out of your rut, push you (when you ask her to) and also make you look and feel like the person you want to be (with a wardrobe THAT WORKS) – she brings out the inner confidence that we all have inside us. I used to “emotional clothes shop” and have 100 items in my cupboard which I didn’t need, didn’t like or never wore. Now I hardly need to clothes shop, I love my wardrobe, and if I do feel like shopping, it’s way more fun with Wendy as my sidekick!” Beansie Kettlewell


“I absolutely loved my afternoon shopping up a storm with you, Wendy. As always, shopping with you is fast, decisive and very productive. I’ve learned so much about choosing the right fit for my body, colours that enhance my face, lines that flatter and the correct length to suit me. Your most enabling quote “You’ve got to LOVE IT” is now my mantra and throws any doubt out the door. Sending my young adult daughter to you for a makeover has enabled her to look her best at all times and empowered her to make wise purchases. It was a very worthwhile investment and a great 16th birthday gift to her. One I can greatly recommend to all parents of teenage going on adult daughters.” Sandy Fyvie


“Thank you for the awesome presentation at our Deloitte/Citadel Women’s Day Event. Our theme for the day was authenticity, and you certainly did an amazing job, in bringing the theme alive. Your poise, humour, passion, enthusiasm and amazing ability to make everyone feel at ease with themselves was heart-warming and impactful. We received such wonderful feedback about how poignant your presentation was, and what an impact you have made in making the women in the room think about their authentic brand, and how to we need to play to our strengths. The parallel metaphor drawn perfectly complemented our discussion on authentic leadership. Thank you for being amazing. Your personal brand shines through in all that you do! Continue to be the light that leads us to greater heights of self-realisation and authenticity.” Kumeshnee Singh

“Wendy Hind! I am completely blown away our morning together. I am still reeling, but in a good way and still processing what happened in those few hours we had. I learnt A LOT. I just think your professionalism and how you know your stuff and everything you said -you know when you know its TRUTH that you are hearing. When you listen to someone speak, and you realise that this person really knows what she is doing and is so gifted. I appreciate you, and I know you are changing so many ladies lives. If you ever doubt for a second your ability -do not ever! Cos you are good, very good at what you do. So thank-you for transforming my wardrobe, how I see myself and re-igniting my own personal style!” Ros Ivey


“I just wanted to let you know the men thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today; you made a big impact! Thank you.” Samanta Dansie, BDO


“Thank you for the most amazing and informative colour and style workshop where I learnt exactly what to wear and not to wear for my figure and colouring, this has helped me tremendously in choosing new garments, and when what I have learnt is applied, it is almost a perfect fit every time! Your assistance with sorting out my cupboard was amazing, from having a jam-packed cupboard and always feeling like I have nothing to wear to now having a whole heap of non-desirable items thrown out and a much smaller cupboard of clothing but yet having an awesome variety of mix and match options that make me look fabulous daily and so many more outfits. Thank you again for everything. You have been truly amazing in bringing out the best in me.” Michelle Larkens


“Wow! A clear out that has been long overdue. I feel so good, and now excited, to add some meaningful clothes and accessories to my cupboard with confidence!” Paddy Balmer


“Thank you for the most wonderful morning. Although exhausted, I felt invigorated and really happy with all the purchases. Richard, my husband was delighted as I think he is hoping for no more moaning about what to wear!! Thank you for making the ‘new’ me possible.” Louise


“Thank you, Wendy! It’s pure luxury to spend time with you! Having such fun with all the new items we bought.” Jess Gunning


“Thanks so much for helping me transition into my 50’s in style and with pizazz! My wardrobe is already looking a whole lot better!” Leanne Rencken


“I now can see the wood for the trees, and I know I will have such fun re-doing the bits I have left, until I can get to shop again, with new insight on what to buy. That is the most exciting part. I can’t wait to replace all my 40-year old make-up. Watch out World: Here Comes Sandy!” Sandy McHugh


“Thank you for making our shopping day so pleasant, exciting and full of fun. It really was a most enjoyable day. We were treated like queens with you waiting on us picking out outfits for us to try on, we appreciated your choice of “out of box” funky clothes and handbags. On the day I thought I would exchange some of the items, but LOVE LOVE everything even my glitter handbag and slops. Would love to do this again before winter!” Colleen Crookes


“You left behind a very inspired person.” Gill Buchholtz


“Thank you so much for being the best and such an amazing stylist guru, it was such an amazing experience. I really appreciate it!” Zanele Mahomane


“Wish we could shop weekly together! You are an amazing soul. Keep up the good work.” Jeanette Setyila